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Noon Number for June 4: 20

Today's Noon Number is 20. Last season a 20-game stretch in the middle of the season was arguably one of the best runs in franchise history. Read on to find out why.

Bruce Bennett

On Feb. 17, the Wild started a marvelous 20-game stretch of hockey with a 3-2, come-from-behind win over the Detroit Red Wings. Down 2-0, the Wild stormed back for a win and started a six-week stretch that saw the team go from 8th in the conference to third and a share of first place in the Northwest.

Over the next 20 games, the Wild would post a record of 15-5 with three two-game winning streaks and seven-game burst that included the Wild's first win in Dallas since ... well, in forever.

This 20-game stretch got the Wild into the playoffs; because of it, the team still made the postseason despite the late-season slide back to No. 8.