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Wilderness Walk 7-10-2013: Moar Cooke Edition

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Matt Cooke just isn't getting a break in this town.

Matt Cooke, apparently committing murder.
Matt Cooke, apparently committing murder.
Bruce Bennett

Lots of Wild news, and all I have to say about these are after the links, anyway.

So onto the Walk

Wild News

Should Matt Cooke be permitted to wear the late Derek Boogaard’s No. 24? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- A million times, yes. Boogaard was a good person- a fan favorite who had a tragic end. He was not a player who merited his number being retired, and the Wild have appeared to agree with that statement, making no effort to retire the number. The number would have been worn by someone else eventually, it just happened to be Matt Cooke. He didn't go out of his way to select 24- it just happened to be the number he wore his entire career. He reached out to Boogaard's family, which at the very least, at your most cynical, he's recognizing the fact that this could be a sensitive issue. If this was any other player, this would be no issue at all, and he'd likely be lauded by fans and media alike. Instead...

Matt Cooke's Legacy: Graverobber? - Stanley Cup of Chowder- All due respect to friend of the Wilderness Cornelius, this is ridiculous. I think the idea he's acted in poor taste is silly. That he's nefariously trying to subvert the legacy of Boogaard? Come on.

Boogaard family OK with Cooke wearing No. 24 for Wild | So, it's moot. Boogaard's family gave Cooke permission to wear the number, which Cooke was very respectful in reaching out. Everyone should be OK with this.

Minnesota Wild: Matt Cooke has a tough act to clean up, but he's trying - Chad Graff's feature on Cooke.

Jim Souhan: Cooke signing could burn GM, boil the fans' tempers | Souhan must not have very many bridges with the Wild, no one rips them as consistently as Souhan. Some decent points obscured by the severity of the hack job- comparing Fletcher to Risebrough will tend to do that. The Star Tribune commenters felt compelled to defend Fletcher. When the fricken Strib commenters make more sense than the column, it's a hint you might be a tad unreasonable.

First Round Bust: Matt Cooke And The Benefit Of The Doubt- Which is one thing, as seen above, he isn't getting much of. I would assume high-fives are another. But at least he can fill a swimming pool full of gold coins and swim Scrooge McDuck style, which I'd take over the other two.

First Round Bust: Fletcher Hints at Changing Philosophy, Increased Roles for Youth- Regular guest-poster JL reads between the lines with Fletcher's recent interviews. I don't agree with all of it- for example, I don't think the top line is Parise-Koivu-Pom- but speculation is always fun, and some ideas are really good. Like a third line of Cooke-Brodz-Coyle. I like that a lot, actually.

Butch Don't Kill My Vibe: 10 Memorable Moments In Pierre-Marc Bouchard's Minnesota Wild Career - Gone Puck Wild- Ger takes a look at PMB's memorable moments. That 1-on-4 goal gets me every time.

Tending the Fields

Minnesota Wild: Is Mathew Dumba ready to stick this time? - My head says no, but my heart says FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET HIM IN THERE. Love to see Dumba features, he seems like an awesome, high-character guy. Like Tyler Seguin, except not.

Tom Powers: The NHL not according to Gump - A look at prospect camp. Worth a read to see A) Andrew Brunette be super funny, and B) to see if Powers is referring to Worsley, or just stretching for a Forrest reference.

Off the Trail

Chelios, Niedermayer, Shanahan elected to Hockey Hall of Fame; Shero finally gets call | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Big news of the day- All obviously deserving candidates.

Chris Chelios makes Hall of Fame call ‘no Gary Bettman’ zone | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Wow. I never heard of those Chelios quotes. That's really lame.

Pat Burns snubbed again by Hall of Fame; Niedermayer, Chelios want him in | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- The flip-side to a good day, as the late Burns, who is considered by many to be a worthy Hall of Famer, still remains out of the Hall.

Fighting in hockey isn’t always pointless, and it isn’t always good, it just…is | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Justin Bourne on fighting.

Who was the top sophomore of the 2012-13 NHL season? | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Next year's top sophomore? Jonas Brodin.

From draft day to training camp: a glance at the simple summer progression of a prospect’s life | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Insight into a prospect's life by Justin Bourne.

Joffrey Lupul is NHL’s nude rep in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue (Photos) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- He got a sexy ass body and his ass look soft. Mind if I touch it and see if it's soft?