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Hockey Wilderness Development Camp Get-together Part 1

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Thinking about heading to the scrimmages on Saturday? Join us!

Bruce Bennett

Good morning Wilderness!

With Saturday's scrimmage getting closer, it's time to plan the latest get together for the faithful readers of this site.

I'm looking for some suggestions from you all though. Right now, the thought is that we should try to round people up before the game, and everyone can sit together. Then after the scrimmages, head down to Tom Reid's. Doors open at the X around 2:15, so people would need to show up before then.

This way, those of you who haven't met up with us in the past aren't standing around Tom Reid's trying to figure out where the group of people you only know from the internet are. It also will allow you to talk puck the whole time with like-minded people. If your families are anything like mine, they are sick of hearing about hockey in July.

Does anyone have an other ideas? Let's hear them! (The venue is, for the most part, pretty much set. Tom Reid's tends to do funny promotions and specials based off of what is going on at the X. Plus everyone knows where it is!)