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Noon Number for 7-10-2013: 7

A look at why you may want to attend Prospect Development Camp.

Are you really going to turn down this face? Come to Prospect Development Camp!
Are you really going to turn down this face? Come to Prospect Development Camp!
Jamie Sabau

It lacks the biggest names that last year's camp had, but there are still plenty of reasons to attend this year's Prospect Development Camp.

7 of the Wild's Top 10 Prospects (according to Hockey's Future, and after you've removed guys like Brodin, who've graduated to the NHL), are going to be at camp. Brett Bulmer has an injury, Mario Lucia is taking exams, and Kuemper appears to have secured an exemption, most likely because of some NHL time. However, Mathew Dumba, Zach Phillips, Erik Haula, Johan Gustafsson, Tyler Graovac, Justin Fontaine, and Raphael Bussieres are all prospects with a reasonable shot at an NHL career, and some upside. Perhaps only Dumba has a chance to be a superstar, but any of these guys could have a role on the Wild in the coming years.

In addition to those Top-10 prospects, 6 of the 7 players the Wild drafted in the most recent draft will be participating as well, with only Gustav Olofsson (wrist injury) unable to participate. This will be your first chance to get a look at where these guys are.

And going even deeper than that, there are still interesting names coming to camp. Daniel Gunnarsson turned some heads in last year's camp, and the Wild are high on him. Christoph Bertschy, a 6th-rounder from last year, has a lot of skill. John Draeger of Edina (and now Michigan State) will also be of interest, as he was a third-round pick from 2012, and had a fine season at Michigan State.

So, there are plenty of reasons for you to go to Prospect Development Camp this year. Perhaps you can even hook up* with the Hockey Wilderness crew while you're there!

*But not in that way. Come on, guys.