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Noon Number for 7-12-2013: 0.52

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A look at (We're pretty sure) new Minnesota Wild defenseman Jonathon Blum.

Can the Milwaukee Admiral standout translate his AHL results to the NHL?
Can the Milwaukee Admiral standout translate his AHL results to the NHL?
Frederick Breedon

It's been reported by Michael Russo of the Star Tribune, citing multiple sources, that the Minnesota Wild will be taking yet another American defenseman off the hands of the Nashville Predators. They're going to be OK this time, though, as they've decided to part with Jonathon Blum, and not the other way around.

So what does he bring? He's- get this- a mobile defenseman with a lot of speed, and from what I've been able to glean from scouting reports and the like, has solid positional defense.

He's also been able to show some point production, at least at the AHL level. He's put up 0.52 points per game (23-90-113 in 216) over his 4 AHL seasons. For comparison's sake, the only defenseman that the Houston Aeros to exceed a half point per game was Brian Connelly, who is 27, and not in the running to crack the NHL lineup. Blum has also kept this production up in a small sample size in the playoffs, scoring 9 points (1-8) in 16 games.

Of course, if this was translating to production to the Nashville Predators, thus far, the Wild would not have been able to sign him. He's scored 22 (7-15) points in 91 games, which isn't terrible, but also not setting the world on fire. Perhaps the former top prospect Blum will be able to put it together and translate his AHL results in Minnesota. If that happens, the Wild got a pretty good player for a minimal investment. That's the kind of move that makes your entire organization better.