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HW Development Camp Get Together: The Details

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Join us before and/or after the scrimmage!

Alright Wilderness. After much debate (not really), we are ready to present to you the details of tomorrows get together.

Pre-scrimmage: Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub, starting around 1pm. We'll try to alert the staff that there may be people searching for our group. Just say you are looking for the Hockey Wilderness people if it's too crowded. The scrimmage starts at 3, with doors opening at 2:30. The group will most likely start making their way to the Xcel shortly before 2:30.

After: Head back to Tom Reid's. The scrimmage gets done at 4:30, so everyone will head back that way afterwords. Giles will most likely be the head point guy for the after group, at least until I'm doing running around and can free myself up for a beer (or a soda for those of you who have already had the displeasure of meeting me!)

If you're going to show up, give us a shout over on Twitter or here so we can try and see how many people to expect.

Hockey in July, doesn't get much better :)