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Wilderness Walk 7/15/2013: It's Monday! Edition

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Good morning Wilderness! I'm sorry if you don't love Monday mornings then something has to be wrong with your brain.


Another weekend lost, and off to work we go. Not a whole bunch going on in the old hockey news department. Managed to dig up a monster of an article about the scene in Iowa, as well as a comforting reminder of realignment.

As for the Wild, well they are in all likelihood settling in for a long hibernation leading into training camp. Barring some blockbuster trade (doubt it), they have very little wiggle room against the cap to make any big moves in free agency. There isn't much left to do but sit here and argue about line combinations and give out bold season predictions this team couldn't possibly live up to (or could they?)

Wild News

Previewing the Wild and the Competition: Division B Offseason Edition
Oh BOY! I almost forgot about realignment!

First Round Bust: Jonathon Blum Said...What?
A look into just how Blum fits in on the Wild blue line.

Tending the Fields

Road Trip: Midwest big-league franchises savor Iowa's proximity | Shreveporttimes |
A look into the professional sports scene in Des Moines, pack a lunch.

Off the Trail

Sports Ink: Economical restraint will never serve as NHL’s mantra
It's like you let the inmates run the asylum or something.

Thomas Vanek and the Buffalo Sabres ‘suffering’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
"And then he becomes a free agent and signs with the Minnesota Wild. Oh, c'mon, we all know it's going to happen, right?" What a beautiful way to end a story, complete with link to you know where!

Chiarelli says Bruins won’t bring back Jagr | ProHockeyTalk
Jaromir Jagr‘s time as a Boston Bruin is officially at an end.

Ryan Miller’s presence makes for crowded net in Buffalo | ProHockeyTalk
The Sabres have six netminders under pro contracts, one of those guys used to be one of us.

Phoenix Coyotes sign top pick Max Domi to 3-year deal - ESPN
The Phoenix Coyotes have signed first-round pick Max Domi to a three-year, entry-level contract. You may or may not have heard of his father.