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Wilderness Walk 7-18-2013: Waiting for Schedule Edition

It's summer. Not much is happening. Such is life.

Adam Gilmour. Check him out. No, seriously, check him out.
Adam Gilmour. Check him out. No, seriously, check him out.
Jamie Sabau

So, while we potentially could have had quite a bit to talk about today, the NHL is again showing their maddening incompetence in not releasing their schedule for the upcoming season. Blergh.

But don't worry too much, folks. Not a ton of news across teh interwebz, but there are some things of interest coming up.

But first, be sure to check back later this morning for what I'm sure is bound to be a wonderful, heartfelt piece from one of our writers. I won't give away too much- you'll have to come by later.

Anyway, on to the Walk.

Wild News

NHL schedules hopefully announced Thursday; Langenbrunner wants to play for Wild | Boo on the schedule. It wouldn't hurt to have Langenbrunner, or really, anyone else, on a pro tryout, but the prospect of having him on the team doesn't excite me. It's not exactly Modano saying he'd playing for the Wild last year, but it appears that the interest is much more on Langenbrunner's side.

First Round Bust: This is your "Prospect voting for a FOX Sports North Girl" news- I hate that the FSN Girls exist. It's not personal against them. They're probably sharp, know their local sports pretty well, and all that. It's a sexist position that lets women participate in sports, but only in a marginalized fashion. Look at the application instructions. To be an FSN Girl, you have to upload two (2) photos of yourself. Why? If they were serious about hiring women in a role that would prioritize their ability to further the audiences' understanding/enjoyment of the sport, I would assume "Gimme your pics" wouldn't be one of their first qualifications. Without being cruel, I think it's safe to assume that the male on-air talent doesn't have to clear the same bar of attractiveness as the FSN Girls.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: More For Gilmour: Trusting In The Draft Development Process- Probably the best look at 2012 4th-rounder Adam Gilmour that I've seen on the blogosphere in quite some time. Although little known, and not often talked about, Adam Gilmour is a prospect that our own Dan Chan was fond of. If you don't believe me, check it out here.

First Iowa Wild Home Game Announced - Gone Puck Wild- So, if you need a schedule fix...

Off the Trail

Gilbert Brule, and how off-ice issues can greatly affect on-ice performance | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Justin Bourne offers his perspective on why Gilbert Brule's career went off track, which is relevant because of the former Top-10 pick's upcoming comeback attempt.

NHL - John Buccigross: The Blake Geoffrion story - ESPN- As one comeback starts, another one unfortunately ends. Buccigross pens an appropriate tribute to Blake Georffrion.

Seriously why hasn’t anyone signed these guys? | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Ryan Lambert asks the question on everyone's mind: Why hasn't anyone jumped on Tom Gilbert, already?!?!