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A Wild State of Hockey

Hockey WIlderness Book Club

A Wild State of Hockey by Thomas U. Tuttle is the story of the Minnesota Wild's first season on the ice.

Tuttle covers the story of the Wild through the franchising through their first year. He discusses in detail the group responsible for bringing the Wild to Minnesota before launching into a discussion on the front office and coaching staff. We learn how Jacques Lemaire was wooed out of retirement and to the Wild. He takes an indepth look at how the initial roster was put together. Tuttle highlights each player on the initial roster as well as their role. He also highlights key games during that first season. He takes a look at the struggles and triumphs of the young team.

This book is interesting whether you were a fan at the beginning of the Wild or not. For those of you who were fans, it serves as a nice trip down memory lane, and for those who weren't, it's a history lesson. The book flows well and is a quick read. It provides an interesting analysis on the team and the team's inception. I recommend it. The book can be found used on