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Iowa Wild announce Kurt Kleinendorst as new head coach

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In the first official press conference for the newly moved team, they announce their new head coach

Iowa Wild

The Iowa Wild held their first press conference today to announce the hiring of their first coach, Kurt Kleinendorst. Kleinendorst will replace former Aero’s coach John Torchetti, who left the team to coach in the KHL earlier this summer.

Those of you who remember the Aeros coaching search in 2010 (or are following Russo’s blog), will remember that Kleinendorst was actually a finalist for the position back then. The coaching job at that point eventually went to current Minnesota Wild coach Mike Yeo.

Kleinendorst is a Minnesota native (Grand Rapids, MN), so all of you "ONLY MINNESOTANS" can lead the charge on the Fire Yeo! bandwagon and be equally pleased that you can replace him with a true Minnesotan.

Luckily for the Iowa Wild players and fans, Kleinendorst has a proven record for being a successful coach. He has won the Calder Cup with the Senators AHL team in 2011, and coached the USA’s U18 team to a gold medal in 2010.

You can check out the official story from the Wild website here.

Lot of changes for our friends with the Minnesota Wild development team this summer.