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State of Hockey: Minnesota Wild

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DVD Review

The State of Hockey DVD was made in 2004. It covers the Wild from their beginnings through the 2003 playoff run. This DVD features interviews with players and key figures who brought the Wild to Minnesota. You'll hear from key cogs such as Jacques Lemaire, Darby Hendrickson, Wes Walz and Tom Reid. It features footage from the first home game, to the 2003 cup run.

The DVD is packed with special features. They include the 2003 playoff overtime games 6 and 7 VS Colorado, A day in the life of Darby Hendrickson, Fishing with the Wild, Mic'd up: Wild players sound off in their 2003 skills competition, NHL Cool Shots host Dan Moriarity tries out for the Wild, All-Access with the Wild on the road, statistics. I didn't have a chance to watch all of the special features, but the ones I saw were very well done.

This DVD has a nice mix of hockey and history. It touches on the past and the hockey heritage of our state with a look to the future. I don't know if it's a watch and rewatch and rewatch sort of thing, but it would be worth owning just for the games on the DVD. I'd recommend this DVD. You can find it on