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Wilderness Walk: 7-26-2013

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Just another July day. Hooray...

Niklas Backstrom will be competing to be Finland's starting goalie in the Olympics.
Niklas Backstrom will be competing to be Finland's starting goalie in the Olympics.

Before I complain about this long, boring stretch of hockey-less summer, there's some actual important stuff to get to. And as a bonus, it makes your August that much more hockey-filled.

On Saturday, August 3rd, at Ridder Arena, Defending the Blue Line- an organization that donates to keep children in military families connected to our favorite sport- will be putting on their charity game. Tickets are 10 dollars if you buy them here. You can also purchase tickets that will enable you to get autographs after the game. If you can't make it to the game, you're very welcome to donate tickets back to Defending the Blue Line, where they'll be given to military families. The game will also be streamed online. For more information on Defending the Blue Line, please go to their website.

Wild News

Nino Niederreiter invited to Swiss Olympic Camp- That's about as good as it's going to get for the hockey news today. Enjoy.

Golden Goalies: Team Finland's Elite Group of Goalies- Niklas Backstrom is one of those guys!

Olympic camp snubs - The Hockey News- Read about who aside from Jason Pominville got screwed!

Off the Trail

USA Hockey names five for Hall of Fame in Eveleth | The US Hockey Hall of Fame! It's one of us!

Is Roberto Luongo preparing to battle with Canucks? - The Hockey News- Didn't he do that already by losing the Cup for Vancouver?

Dave Nonis doing a great job, so he gets five-year extension with Maple Leafs | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- "It would be nice to have that kind of job security." Samir Naga... Naga... Not Gonna Work Here Anymore!