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Rules that should be reconsidered: No Shootouts in the Playoffs

Hello again, Wilderness!

I'm back this week to give all of you my take on a rule that I think
needs to go, or at least change, and that is no shootouts in the

I know, all of you may be thinking: "No way! I think it's perfectly
fine that there are full, 20-minute overtime periods in the playoffs
instead of shootouts! That's what keeps the drama going in the

If that's what you're thinking right now, calm down. I fully know
everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but just hear me out.

Unlike the regular season, in which a game goes into a 5-minute
overtime in a tied game, and then into a 3-round shootout if no one
scores in OT, the playoffs have done without a shootout, and the game
will keep going on with 20-minute periods until someone scores.

We all know this can make for very long games sometimes. In the
Stanley Cup playoffs this year, the longest game that was played was
game 1 of the Cup Final with the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins,
going into a whopping 3 overtimes. Personally, I thought that was a
bit too long to watch (I still did watch all of it though), even with
watching it on a DVR and skipping through the commercials and
intermission reports.

Heck, the Wild even had to deal with these long overtime periods 2
times in their short-lived playoff run, and for a good part of the
team, it was their first time ever in the playoffs. Having to play a
full game plus into some of that long OT period was tiring for our
players, especially our rookies.

Should the NHL consider changing this rule, here's what I think they
should do. Instead of dragging on and on with full 20-minute overtime
periods (which tires out the players and the fans), they could cut it
down to 2 overtime periods (and bring 5 or 10 minutes shorter), and then have a
shootout if no one scores in the 2 OT periods.

On the other hand, if the NHL still isn't willing enough to bring shootouts
into the playoffs, the least they could do is shorten the overtime
periods by 5 or 10 minutes.

What are your thoughts, Wilderness?

Are you in favor of bringing shootouts into the playoffs or having the
OT periods shortened?

Let me know in the comments below.