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Noon Number for 7-29-2013: 64

A look at Mikael Granlund's international play.

Martin Rose

Mikael Granlund is on the Team Finland Evaluation Camp roster, and he will be attempting to make Team Finland's roster in the Olympics next year. With that happening, it would be a good time to continue our series in looking at Evaluation Camp Invitees international track records. We started last Friday with Niklas Backstrom.

Mikael Granlund- Center/Wing- Team Finland

World Junior Championships

Granlund utterly destroyed the U-18 field, scoring an absurd 26 points in 12 games. When he advanced to the World Junior Championships, he improved every year, as one would expect, scoring 3 points in his first year (6 GP), 7 in 2011 (6 GP), and 11 in 2012 (7 GP). His final year got him closest to medaling in the World Juniors, but in part to a heartbreaking botched shootout attempt, he was unable to advance past the semi-finals.

Even with the lack of hardware, it's hard to say that Granlund didn't have a successful career, but speaking of hardware...

World Championships

Granlund's first World Championship was in 2011, and it was a smashing success for him. Our very own Finnish Baby Jesus was among the tournament's leadings scorers, with 9 points in as many games. One of them being this goal. No big deal.

The tournament ended up with Finland toppling Sweden in the finals, and thusly, gold for Finland.

Since then, he's scored 8 points in 14 games over 2 tournaments. Finland finished 4th in each year.

Outlook for Sochi

Barring injury, there is virtually no chance that Granlund doesn't get on the roster for Team Finland, and almost assuredly will be in a prime scoring role. Let's see if he can continue his international success in the Olympics.