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Noon Number for 7-31-2013: 9

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A look at Mikko Koivu's international play.

Kaptain Koivu will need to lose not one, but both of his legs to not make Team Finland.
Kaptain Koivu will need to lose not one, but both of his legs to not make Team Finland.
Martin Rose

Mikko Koivu has been a fixture on the Minnesota Wild since his rookie season in 2005-06. The Wild, as you may know, has not enjoyed very much success, in terms of getting to and advancing in the postseason. The upside for that? It's little consolation, but Koivu has had quite a bit of international experience.

With the Olympics coming up, Mikko Koivu has been invited to Team Finland's evaluation camp. It's extremely relevant, in that case, to look at Koivu's international experience.

Mikko Koivu- Team Finland #9- Center/Kaptain

World Junior Championships

Koivu's U-18 tournaments have been solid, though lacking the flash of the points Finnish Übermensch Mikael Granlund racked up. He contributed 4 assists in 7 games in 2000, as the Finnish squad won Gold. The next year, Team Finland won Bronze as Koivu put up 2 goals and 3 assists.

Koivu also picked up some hardware in the main WJC event. His three assists helped Team Finland secure Silver, while he won Bronze in the 2002 World Junior Championships.

World Championships

Koivu has participated in 5 World Championships. His first two tournaments were when he was 22 and 23, and he started slow, scoring 4 points in 18 games, helping Finland win Bronze in 2006 and Silver in 2007.

His most recent tournaments have been much more successful. In 2006, Koivu's production went up as Finland won Bronze, scoring a point per his 9 games. In 2011, he scored 8 points (2-6) and served as Kaptain as Finland obtained only got... Well...


He also did very well in 2012, however, Team Finland did not place. His World Championships stats boast 13 goals and 23 assists in 46 games, averaging a point per game over his last 28 games.


Koivu's first go-round in the Olympics came in 2006, when Finland finished with the Silver. However, Koivu appeared to take on a limited role, not appearing on the score sheet in 8 games. In 2010, he contributed 4 assists in 6 games, and Finland captured the Bronze medal.

Outlook for Sochi

Another player that will not miss the Olympics, barring injury, Koivu is as much of a lock to make Finland as anyone, and will likely serve as their number one center and Kaptain. I can't see it any other way.

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