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Noon Numbers for 7-8-2013: 0, 40

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A look at the scumbag factor of Matt Cooke.

Is Matt Cooke still the pond scum everyone seems to think he is?
Is Matt Cooke still the pond scum everyone seems to think he is?

0 games lost due to suspension, and 40 penatly minutes.

After being suspended for 10 games, plus the entire first round in the 2010-11 season, these are the averages for Matt Cooke since that point. Part of this is weighed down by the shortened season (36 penalty minutes in 48 games), but those penalty minute totals in each of those seasons represent a markedly less amount than anything resembling a full season before.

While Cooke has a largely checkered history, it certainly would appear that all of what he's been saying is true: He's worked to clean his game up, and has done so with success. And he's managed to do this without sacrificing the physical aspect of his game. In a league that is trying to remove reckless/dangerous plays from a physical game, Cooke should be at least begrudgingly recognized for doing just that- showing that reform is possible.

Look, I don't like the move, either. I think 2.5 million is too much for Cooke. I think three years for Cooke is just silly. And I'm sick of seeing Fletcher overpay for a bottom-six guy year after year, while seemingly never getting any tougher to play against.

But I think the hand-wringing over that guy Fletcher signed being Matt Cooke is just a tad ridiculous. The notion that he's the biggest scumbag in the NHL just isn't supported by anything he's done in the last two years.

Unless you really think that he planned to sever Erik Karlsson's Achilles, that is.