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Why They Supported Defending the Blue Line

inside the game

On ­­­Saturday August 4th, Defending the Blue Line held their annual charity game. Players from 16 different NHL teams, the military and the Penticton Vees joined together to support the troops.

I was fortunate enough to interview four of the players on their reasons for being there. I spoke with Josh Harding, Nate Prosser, Nate Schmidt and Danny Kristo.

Said Harding “Anytime you can be a part of this as a professional athlete, you need to be. You need to give your time, you need to let people know that you’re there to support them because there were a lot of people supporting you when you were growing up. It’s a little thing for us to do, but it’s a lot.” He went on to say “Anytime that I can show my support for Defending the Blue Line…I look up to people like that, and even with what I’ve been going through with my personal life, it makes me realize even more what I can give back.

According to Prosser, “it was awesome to give back to the troops, any way we can. It’s whatever way I can give back to the community; they support us fully during the season. I’m thankful that I’m able to give back in this manner. “

Per Nate Schmidt, he knew a little bit about the organization before signing up. He decided to participated because “it’s so easy to take the time. It’s a way for me to give my time, to come out and play and to be part of a great game and a great organization.”

And finally, we get to Danny Kristo. He was asked to join the game and thought it was a good opportunity to support the troops. “Anytime you get a chance in the summer to play a fun game with a bunch of pros, it’s a lot of fun; it was also for a great cause. It was a real good outing today with all the fans, great time; glad I did it.