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Boogie with the Noogie: An Exercise in Fun

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With the start of the NHL 2013-14 season fast approaching and free agency signings coming to a crawl, we give you an exercise in fantasy fun.

In browsing around the internet coming up with idea's for this weeks Boogie, I came across something at Lighthouse Hockey I thought would be a great exercise for our loyal Minnesota Wild fans here at Hockey Wilderness. Pick a current NHLer to add to the Wild lineup.

It's once again time for you Wilderness to sit in General Manager Chuck Fletcher's chair, and make 1 single move you want for the Wild. There is a catch however, otherwise this wouldn't be any fun. You have to forget about salary cap, forget about trades or any of the normal rules the hamstring NHL GM's with regards to this. The entire league (aside from the Wild of course) is a free agent, and I mean free.

So have at you Widlerness, who would you like to see wearing Iron Range red? Would you take everyone's favorite second line center Taylor Hall just to stick it to the Oilers? Would you want Sidney Crosby just so you could ride his coattails through the line at the DMV? Or perhaps you would like to reunite Shea Weber with Ryan Suter on the Minnesota Wild blue line? Perhaps you're the rational type and you would like to just fill a need on the Wild roster, the choice is yours! 29 NHL rosters are your proverbial oyster!

What say you Wilderness? In this fantasy world gone mad, who is at the top of your Minnesota Wild want list?