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New kid on the blog: Welcome @JoeBou15 to the Wilderness team

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We're adding a new face to the team

Hannah Foslien

As the hockey world navigates through the barren wasteland that is August, we decided to take a break from the stats discussion/fighting/whatever for a moment and make another "new announcement" around here. We've got to keep you all on your toes Wilderness.

Hockey Wilderness is proud to announce that we are bringing another writer on board to help keep our Wild coverage top notch. Many of you are already familiar with Joe Bouley, but we've decided to promote him from writing in the fanposts section to writing on the first page.

Joe will be doing a lot of joint coverage between the Wild, IA Wild, and helping Dan with prospect coverage. We might even make him do some fancy stats coverage if he gets out of hand (Kidding!)

Here's a bit about Joe in his own words:

While I used to have a giant Mike Modano poster in my bedroom when I was six, I am not going to even pretend that I knew what it was like when the North Stars played in Minnesota. I grew up watching Gopher hockey with my Dad every Friday and Saturday night. My favorite players, whether they were good or bad, were Steve Debus, Brian Bonin, Mike Crowley, and Dave Spehar. I have watched the Wild since their original sweater was revealed in the Star Tribune in 2000. My pinnacle being a hockey fan in Minnesota was during 2002 and 2003. Those years the Gophers were killing teams and winning back-to-back national titles, the Wild put Patrick Roy in to retirement on their way to the Western Conference Finals and Giggy's large pads, and the 2002 Winter Olympics had the U.S. and Canada face-off in the gold medal game and displayed how great Olympics hockey is. Hopefully by joining the Hockey Wilderness staff, I will chronicle a new pinnacle withe Wild bringing home Lord Stanley to the State of Hockey. Drink a Minnesota craft brew, lose the pants, and pull up your favorite chair and let's cheer on the Wild this season together.

Make sure you give him a follow on twitter at @JoeBou15.