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Wilderness Walk 8-17-2013

Looks like I had to deal with a drought of Wild news again...

Hannah Foslien

Hello Wilderness!

The Wild's preseason begins in exactly a month from today, and I'm just getting more and more excited because of how close the hockey season is approaching once again. This will be my first full NHL season that I will be following, so I can't wait to finally be able to experience more hockey than I did last season.

It is another one of those droughts for Wild news though unfortunately, so most of today's Walk will be off the beaten path.

Hope you guys are prepared for that.

With all that being said, let's get walking.

Tending the Fields

The Most Exciting Part of Each Top Minnesota Wild Prospect's Game | Bleacher Report - The Wild's prospects last season were outstanding to say the least. Here's a look at last season's prospects, as well as this season's.

Off the Trail

Coyotes owners Gosbee and LeBlanc not looking to fail in new venture, trigger out clause | Fox News - I'm sure they really are hoping that the Coyotes can stay for a bit longer in Arizona. I've heard from a little birdie that Bettman is proposing some expansion teams next year. Could this mean the Coyotes move to Seattle come next season?

PEDs in the NHL? Let's hope not. - Causeway Crowd - That is one thing that this league does not need. The MLB and NFL both have very strict policies involving the use of PEDs, and we don't want these kinds of problems coming over to the NHL.

NHL notes: Nashville Predators shun Chicago Blackhawks fans with ticket deal | Toronto Sun - Good luck going to see your team when they play in Nashville now, 'Hawks fans... Looks like you're going to have to buy a ticket to another Preds game if you want to do that.

Hits Received | Advanced Statistics Every NHL Fan Should Be Familiar with | Bleacher Report - I know the average hockey fan doesn't care too much about stats, but here are some stats that could be worth knowing about.

Jonathan Toews Says It Would Be ‘Naive’ to Think NHL Is Free of PEDs | - Really, Toews?