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Noon Number for 08-21-2013: 5

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September 1st will see the Wild revealing what's only their fifth sweater in team history.

You just can't mess with Jay-Z's swag.
You just can't mess with Jay-Z's swag.

Jersey re-inventions are all part of the game.

It seems like every team is re-designing their jerseys all the time, and it never seems like it's good enough, because then teams will switch. We need a red uniform- everyone's doing it! We need to copy the Penguins powder blue alternates! Who cares if it makes sense?!

The Wild still are on their first white jersey (which has been their away sweaters since the lockout), and, in a way, their first alternates (which are now their home). They've only had four sweaters for their 11 years of existence, which feels pretty conservative- Buffalo, for example, has had 8 in that span, including the infamous Buffaslug. So has Dallas.

I would think most Wild fans don't need to see the jerseys to know what they look like, or to determine their opinions on them. However, a quick breakdown on my opinions is that I find the original home and away uniforms respectable, but a little lacking in terms of what would later come. I like the current home uniforms a lot more than everyone else seems to, and I think the current alternates go toe-to-toe with the best in the league.

I feel the white sweaters have been in need of an update for some time now, and am really excited to see what those updates might include.

Any hopes for you, Team of 18,001? Expectations?