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News and notes from the Wilderness featuring @GerDevine

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Time to meet your newest author Wilderness


Welcome to the weekend Wilderness. We've got a few odds and ends to tie up around here, so hang tight for just a moment.

In awesome news, we are excited to announce that everyone's favorite Wild fan from across the pond will be joining the Hockey Wilderness team to help out on the fancy stats department. As someone who always speaks his mind, I'm personally really excited to have him on board. He'll still be mostly writing over at Gone Puck Wild, so make sure you head out that way to read some of his other articles often. Welcome to the team, you drunken Irishman!

In not so awesome news, we are also losing a writer. Giles is stepping down from being a full time writer here in order to focus on school and work this coming season. He'll still be around to heckle all of you over-the-top nutbags, and may even write a feature for us every now and then. We wish you the best of luck Giles!

Lastly, how many people are planning on going to the state fair to see the new jerseys? There's been a bit of a discussion on a potential HW meet up at the fair, so we are trying to gauge interest and see if this is something we should attempt to do. Thoughts Wilderness?