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Wilderness Walk: 08-29-2013

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More Olympics, more jerseys, and more youngsters.


In a day where the Wild waived Bjorn Krupp and showed you what part of the neckline of their new sweater, that would feel like a big day for hockey news in August. It wasn't be the biggest news of the day.

The Wild's Power Play has been a thing of derision here at the Wilderness since it's inception (or at least since I've started reading the comments here). The Succubus Power Play, Sponsored by (something that sucks) gag is one of Hockey Wildernesses most tried and true. Sadly, because nobody wants to see the Wild's Power Play not suck like every Wild fan.

You'll read about the Wild trying to upgrade their power play, but not with a player move, and a lot more. Check out the Walk.

Wild News

Brunette will oversee Wild power play this season | Star Tribune- The power play, being an endless source of frustration, definitely needed to be addressed. Whether it's through Brunette's help, or the improvement of the offense through Pominville and the the youngsters.

The Team of 18,001: A New Face In The State Of Hockey: Keith Ballard- Get to know Keith Ballard with Giles.

2013-14 Fantasy Hockey--Wild's Jonas Brodin Among Top Sleeper Candidates- If his offense develops that much, I'll be thrilled.

First Round Bust: New Wild Uniforms: A Wildly Inaccurate Look At Days 1-3 Clues- Nate looks into the new Wild jersey's clues. Legitimately excited for Saturday.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: FRB Top 20 Prospects: #17...Dylan Labbe- A recent draftee makes the list, get a better look at him.

Minnesota Wild Place Bjorn Krupp on Unconditional Waivers - Gone Puck Wild- GPW thinks this has something to do with an imminent move, but I feel like it was more likely that he was waived because he's Bjorn Krupp, all due respect (as he's achieved huge success in his field, when you compare to everyone who's ever aspired to be a hockey player, even without making the NHL). Wish him luck.

Ex-Devils, Wild forward Palmieri signs in Germany | ProHockeyTalk- He was last seen whining in Houston. Good things happen to those who complain, though, because Germany is pretty awesome. Apparently. Perhaps Ger can shed some more light on that.

Off the Trail

Vanek: ‘I didn’t ask to be traded’ | ProHockeyTalk- Why wouldn't he demand to come to Minnesota?!

NHL Pre-season Predictions: Central Division - No. 7 Winnipeg Jets - The Hockey News- Not entirely relevant, but let's take a moment to say: Hahahahaha.

Meet the Nashville Predators--Defense Still King in the Music City- Translation: They don't have offense.

The great Sochi Olympics ice surface hype | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- How much does the ice surface matter?

The US hockey roster most likely to win Olympic gold in Sochi is… | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | The best chance for America to win.

2010 Gold Medal Game: Where Were You When it Happened?- Where were you, when they built the ladder to heaaaven?

Vancouver Canucks, National Hockey League of Nations | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Like you care.