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Wilderness Walk 8-31-2013: 31 Days! Edition

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We are getting that much closer to the hockey season, Wilderness. Things are about to get wild once again!


Hello, Wilderness!

The hockey season is quickly approaching us as summer is getting ready to come to a close.

By the time most of you read this, I'll be getting ready to finally come back up to Minnesota to start my sophomore year at the University of St. Thomas.

Despite this summer going by really fast, I'm excited to finally be back up there again to meet my new roommates and some new friends, as well as reunite with some old ones.

And most importantly, I'm excited to see some hockey again. The preseason is just a matter of weeks away now, and that alone is making me excited. Hopefully I can get a group of people together to go out and see a preseason game or 2.

The Wild also unveil their new white away jerseys at the Minnesota State Fair tomorrow (Emilie will be covering this here on the site too), so be sure to make it out there if you can.

Ranting and raving aside, it's time to get walking.

Enjoy perusing today's links, Wilderness!

Wild News

Video: Minnesota Wild's rink ready for hockey - - Gotta love timelapse videos. Enjoy this one of the arena ice at the X getting ready for the Wild's preseason.

Minnesota Wild defenseman Mathew Dumba tries to follow Jonas Brodin's lead - - Will Dumba finally get closer to becoming one of the team's best rookies? We'll just have to wait and see.

FS Wisconsin & Minnesota Wild Broadcasting Woes - Gone Puck Wild - Unless you live in a region of Wisconsin that gets you both Fox Sports Wisconsin and Fox Sports North (such as Eau Claire), or you have a cable or satellite package that offers both channels, you might be left in the dust if you want to get your Wild hockey fix outside of Minnesota. Thankfully, since I'll obviously be up in MN during most of the season, this won't be a problem for me. But should there be a time when I'm back in Wisco when any Wild games are on, I'll be able to catch them on FS Wisconsin (or their alternate channel) should there be another sports event that conflicts with it (ie Milwaukee Bucks basketball).

Off the Trail

Selanne returning to Ducks for one more season - The Daily News Online - Looks like Selanne will be back for the Ducks again. At least, for one more year.

Predicting Which NHL Stars Will Be Letdowns in the 2013-14 Season | Bleacher Report - Here's who's supposed going to be unspectacular this upcoming season.

Calgary Flames are going to be monumentally bad (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Oh, really? They should be easy for us to beat them then this season.

NHL: With extension signed, Bruins GM's goal is to keep winning | The Kennebec Journal - Seems like a pretty good goal to me.

Seabrook shares day with Cup with newborn son - Summer with Stanley - - Well isn't that special.