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Fixing the NHL: Crossover Cup Finals

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Jim Rogash

Hello, Wilderness!

Today, I'm going to be talking about something that would be interesting for the NHL to consider for its Stanley Cup Finals, and that is the idea of crossover Cup Finals.

What do I mean by this?

Ever since the NHL was founded, the Stanley Cup Final was played between a team from the western conference and a team from the eastern conference.

Why does the NHL do it like this though?

They're not like the MLB or NFL, where there is at least some historical reason for the sport to be divided the way it is. Conferences for the NHL (and the NBA too) are just divided geographically. So why not change things up for the final?

Here's something that could be done: once things are down to just 4 teams, some reseeding could be done and the 1st ranked team will play the 4th ranked team, and the 2nd ranked team will play the 3rd ranked team. These games could still end up being inter-conference, but that's just fine.

This means we could have Stanley Cup Finals of Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Chicago vs. St. Louis, etc… Basically, just put in your favorite rivalry, and we could possibly get to see it played out someday.

A caveat of using this system would be that we could get stuck with bad matchups, but that happens already anyways. Also, this could potentially hurt TV ratings if the final lacks an eastern conference team.

What do you think about this, Wilderness?

Do you think the idea of a crossover final could be something the NHL could do someday?

Leave your thoughts in the poll and comments below.