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Wilderness Walk 8-4-2013

Another week in the books, and another week closer to a full regular season.


Greetings Wilderness, and welcome to the daily links! It has been a rough week to be my laptop. Things are looking better as of just a few hours ago, but I have said this before. Lesson learned, stay away from beta operating systems in the future. As much as I like to have the latest and greatest, this one royally pooched my laptop and I've spent the better part of my non-work, non-family free time trying to get this beast back in working order. So if I've been scarce around here lately my apologies. Hopefully the worst of this is near over and I can get back to regularly scheduled programming very soon.

Last night was the Defending the Blue Line NHL Charity game at Ridder Arena on the U of M campus. From all accounts it was a great time for a great cause. Josh Harding playing without an extra 60 lbs or so hanging off of him must have been a sight.

Not much going on here today folks, click some links and enjoy your day. It's August now, not a whole lot of these summertime weekends left.

Wild News

It's Step-up Time for the Minnesota Wild Young Guns - Gone Puck Wild
With spots open for the taking, it's time for the young guns to step up for the Minnesota Wild.

Off the Trail

Latest bid to stop Coyotes sale fails again | ProHockeyTalk
There just always somebody that has to rain on the parade.

Agent: Ryan Whitney still looking for right fit | ProHockeyTalk
The offensive defenseman remains an unrestricted free agent.

Malkin says Russian stars were ready to stay in KHL | ProHockeyTalk
The lockout nearly kept some huge stars back home.