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Wilderness Walk: 8-7-2013

Pretty much the most essential Minnesota Wild-themed link round-up you're gonna read today.

Jonathan Daniel

So, as you'll be able to see, without the Defending the Blue Line Charity Game to talk about, the Wild-related content is staggeringly lower than it was last week.

So it's up to you, commenters! I'm going to ask you leading questions and suggestions in order for you to get some good ol' fashioned dialogue going on amongst yourselves. Like Smokey the Bored Hockey Fan once said "Only YOU can prevent offseason lulls."

So, now that it's quite apparent that I've not-much to say, stay tuned for the Wednesday Boogie With The Noogie, and on to the Walk.

Wild News

Meet the Chicago Blackhawks--What's Missing From Last Year? - Gone Puck Wild- Gone Puck Wild does the heavy lifting for us today, continuing to profile the Minnesota Wild's most powerful new rival. And I mean real rival, no longer manufactured!

Off the Trail

Each realigned NHL division can forge own unique identity - NHL - Stu Hackel - What's the common thread with the new Central Division? Actually being from the Central is a nice start, but is that it?

The Devils drafting Anthony Brodeur was definitely a neat story, probably not a great deal for him | Backhand Shelf- The life of a legacy pick. Remember Louie Nanne? That got you angry, right? Throw something in the comments about your anger, and tell your friends to post their angry comments, too!

Chicago Blackhawks, National Hockey League of Nations | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- More League of Nations articles! Who's in our League of Nations?

THW's Top 10 NHL Jerseys- Some fun for the North Stars Nostalgia Brigade.

The Forgettable Final Years of 17 NHL Veterans - The Triangle Blog - Grantland- And hey, look! More fun for the North Stars Nostalgia Brigade!

Andrew Shaw auctioning face stitches from Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win for charity | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Gross.

Wayne Gretzky was babysitting Robin Thicke when he was traded to Kings | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports-- I think the biggest news isn't that Gretzky was babysiting Robin Thicke, but the fact that at the height of his powers, THE MOTHERFUCKING GREAT ONE WAS SPENDING HIS MOTHERFUCKING FREE TIME MOTHERFUCKING BABYSITTING. What?! That's just ridiculous.