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Noon Number for 9-10-2013: 23

The season's almost here, folks.

That's right, the Wild's regular season starts in under a month now.

Who's excited?

I know I am, as I can't wait to see our new prospects (as well as last year's) and some of our other new players, most notably Matt Cooke.

As you heard from Tony yesterday, most of our prospects haven't fared well in the Traverse City prospects tournament, but it's not like that's too big a deal. If anything, the prospects tournament is like another preseason before the preseason.

Speaking of the preseason, the Wild begin their preseason in exactly a week from today at home against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Despite this just being the start of the preseason, this should be an interesting game to follow. The Blue Jackets have become a more competitive team lately, thanks to their pickup of Sergei Bobrovsky, who is one heck of a goaltender.

Just like all other professional sports, the preseason doesn't matter too much, but for us hockey fans, it will keep us occupied until the regular season starts.

The Wild begin their training camps tomorrow, so they can get ready for their 6 preseason games, and most importantly the regular season.

The wait is almost over, Wilderness!