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Boogie with The Noogie: Memorable Moments of 2013

With the game firmly in hand on February 21, 2013, former Wild forward Cal Clutterbuck was skating through the neutral zone when ...

Dale MacMillan

Everyone's favorite 2nd-line center shows us less about hockey, and more about being a complete ass-hat....

The game was moving along pretty good, the Minnesota Wild were leading over the Edmonton Oilers late in the 3rd period when Hall needlessly stuck his knee out in a deliberate attempt to harm a player. Now I'm just as surprised as you Wilderness. How the klutzy and oh so fragile Taylor Hall did not explode a million pieces upon contact is absolutely astonishing.

It is also, surprising or not, that some folks could actually justify Hall head (or knee) hunting in citing Clutterbuck's "questionable" hits he's delivered to teams around the league which is just as stupid as it sounds. Clutterbuck will punish you yes, but he was rarely penalized for his hits and has never been suspended. I guess when you're so focused on what your corsi is doing you don't have time for facts.

Clutterbuck would be placed on IR and ultimately miss 6 games. He was very fortunate to not miss more considering how bad these hits have a tendency to be. Hall would be suspended 2 games and was not asked to face the wrath of the X just 10 days later. Some claim Hall was getting over a lower-body injury suffered just 2 days before the Oilers came to the St. Paul, I say "How convenient".

This was just one of many memorable moments of the lockout-shortened 2012-2013 NHL season. I'd like to invite you Wilderness, to share with us some of the moments that stick out in your head.