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Wilderness Walk: 9-12-2013

The Minnesota Wild began their training camp yesterday.

Charlie Coyle brings a new number into this new season. Hope you didn't buy this sweater last year!
Charlie Coyle brings a new number into this new season. Hope you didn't buy this sweater last year!
Hannah Foslien

We'll get to the Walk, but first things first:


Remembering two from the hockey family lost on 9/11 (Puck Daddy Tribute) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- As you know, yesterday was the 12th anniversary of September 11th. Puck Daddy ran this column from 2009 remembering former LA Kings scouts Ace Bailey and Mark Bavis. What that column couldn't have known, and thusly couldn't have mentioned, was that when the Kings won their Stanley Cup, the Kings gave their families a day with the Cup. Nothing could ever be enough, short of reversing those events, but it's something. It's nice to see the hockey community remembering their own.

Please enjoy the Walk.

Wild News

Rupp not yet cleared for training camp; It's not Yonas Brodin, it's ZHonas | Russo's Rants | His name is Zhonas? Would have been nice to know last year. Way to make us all look like dicks, Zhonas.

Wild's Jason Zucker: To reach his goals, he must forget his biggest goal - Chad Graff's feature on Jason Zucker. Zucker's still hungry, and that's a good thing.

Minnesota Wild Ready to Drop the Puck on New Season - Gone Puck Wild- Dakota has a preview of training camp.

Hitting The Post: And so it begins- Mike at Hitting the Post also has a preview of training camp.

Minnesota Wild: 5 players to watch in training camp - Just in case you were considering not watching Mikael Granlund, Mathew Dumba, Nino Niederreiter, Charlie Coyle, or Jason Zucker.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: FRB Top 20 Prospects: #10...Brett Bulmer- Bulmer is still a project, even though he was able to make the Wild's roster two years ago. If he can realize enough of his potential to play in the NHL, he's going to be a fan favorite.

The Team of 18,001: Top 10 Prospects: #8 Zack Phillips- Phillips was held scoreless in Traverse City, but he was an offensive force in the Tournament, putting 20 shots on net in the four games. If he can put shots on the net at that rate in the AHL, he will find himself much higher next go-round, lack of speed be damned. The guy's got skills.

Off the Trail

NHL Training Camp 2013: Puck Daddy’s guide to Western Conference preseason storylines | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- There's also an Eastern Conference version of this up, but I don't care. Get a rundown of everyone in the Conference as they enter their training camps.

Sabres, Hodgson sidestep the bridge contract, sign six-year extension | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- For 4.25 million a year. Let's please sign Zhonas to, like, twenty of these.

Report: Sabres willing to retain part of Vanek’s salary in trade | ProHockeyTalk- Almost put in Wild news, but word is according to Russo, that the Wild (still are giving indications) that they won't be interested in trading for him. Too many assets for an impending free agent, and the Wild apparently feels themselves to be an attractive destination for Vanek.

Alex Pietrangelo talks break off for St. Louis Blues; defenseman won’t report to camp | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- This could be a great opportunity for the Minnesota Wild. If Pietrangelo has a season like Doughty had during his holdout, the Blues will obviously be worse off for it.

Meet the Winnipeg Jets--Offense Improved, Right-Shot Offensive D-men Abound - Gone Puck Wild- A look at the Jet's depth chart.

Edmonton Oilers, 2013-14 (Puck Daddy Gold Medal Preview) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Check out everyone's favorite last place team.

NHL - 2013 mock expansion draft protected teams in West - ESPN- ESPN is preparing to do a mock expansion draft. They started by protecting the Eastern and Western Conference's players. It's Insider, and a moot point, as expansion isn't happening this season. But it's fun. Have some fun.

First Round Bust: Brent Burns is a Ninja This Year- He may no longer be the best player in Wild history, but he's still got the best facial hair in Wild history. And probably in the NHL. Especially if those criterion are based on whatever looks craziest.