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Wilderness Walk: 9-13-2013

We get to ride on the Magic RaphyBuss, get a look at the players for the first time this season, and hear about how Dany Heatley is in The Best Shape of His Life.

Dany Heatley is apparently quicker because he's in really good shape now. Better late than never, I guess.
Dany Heatley is apparently quicker because he's in really good shape now. Better late than never, I guess.

Local blogger wündernowverymuchadult Aaron Gleeman and his cohorts at Hardball Talk (NBC) spend a lot of time writing about players "In the Best Shape of Their Lives". It's probably one of the most common refrains in spring training articles around the MLB. The results of these players being in the Best Shape of Their Lives is spotty. Sometimes it works out, and much more often, it means nothing, as the player in the BSOHL falls flat on their face, sometimes hilariously (even ironically!) so.

So, I'm not all that enthused with the biggest nugget out of Wild camp today. I get that baseball is different from hockey- having more endurance matters more in a sport like hockey, where you're skating all-out for 20+ minutes a game, than a sport like baseball, where you run 360 feet, max. I'm fully aware of that. But I'm a bit of a skeptic when I hear that Dany Heatley is in the Best Shape of His Life.

Or, more specifically, as I've not seen him, I'm skeptical that it matters a lot. Apparently, Heatley is appreciably faster/quicker because of it. Speed is, as you know, a big part of Heatley's decline. So it would stand to reason that Heatley would be much better if he re-gained some of the speed he lost. But I'm not buying it yet.

And while it would help the Wild if Heatley's getting into the BSOHL leads to notable improvement, it makes it worse for me. I understand if Heatley (who has historically not been considered to be the most chiseled athlete) wasn't in tip-top shape when he was lighting the league up for 50 goals per year, but why wouldn't you try to do that when you've been in a sharp, multi-year decline? What if he did this stuff during the lockout last year, and it led to a better Dany Heatley than we saw? Would Granlund have been able to click with Heatley on the second line? Wouldn't opponents have something to worry about other than the Parise-Koivu line? Wouldn't a better Dany Heatley keep the Wild from backing into the playoffs?

Doing all you can to get into great shape is, if not a basic function of your job, certainly a great way to help your teammates and organization advance in their goals. It should have been a no-brainer coming into last season, after he'd posted his second consecutive year of a 10+ drop in points. Instead, he apparently showed up in noticeably worse shape than he's in right now, and he had his worse season ever, when the Wild finished one point away from missing the playoffs. Not to mention that he ended up (somewhat indirectly) costing his (now former) teammate Tom Gilbert his job.

I'm glad you're in great shape, Dany. I just wish it happened when you came to Minnesota two years ago.

On to the Walk.

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