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Wilderness Walk 9-14-2013

The Wild's preseason is just around the corner now, and regular season tickets go on sale today.

This is how excited I've been for this NHL season for the longest time.
This is how excited I've been for this NHL season for the longest time.
Hannah Foslien

Today is a great day indeed for us Wild fans. As I just stated a little while ago, the Wild will start selling single game regular season tickets today. That happens in an hour from now to be exact.

If you're anxious to get your paws on some tickets, don't wait too long. Pounce all over them like a wild animal.

Corny animal jokes aside, let's get walking.

Wild News

Only In Minnesota: Wild’s Parise Expecting Twins - CBS Minnesota - You heard it here. Parise isn't the first professional Minnesota athlete to be expecting twins though, as Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer welcomed 2 twin girls into his family back in July.

Minnesota Wild: Recap of Day 2 of training camp, a look at the roster - - A lot of good things coming out of day 2 of the Wild's training camp.

Wild head into season with expectations still high - - The celebration over Minnesota's first-in-five-years playoff appearance was muffled, considering the buzz the Wild created before the season and the struggle they endured just to qualify.

Gone Puck Wild Giveaway - Win $500 Worth of Sports Collectibles - Gone Puck Wild - Want a chance to win a piece of sports history? Then enter this giveaway! The winner will get to choose anything worth $500 from the Sports Collectables store. This means you could get anything from an autographed jersey, an autographed photo, to almost anything you can think of!

Tending the Fields

Eau Claire native Jake Dowell begins season two with Minnesota Wild - How will he fare this season?

Off the Trail

NHL notes: Stars' Peverley out with heart ailment - - Yikes.

Will the Canucks’ Roberto really abandon Twitter at Tortorella’s request? | National Post - Just because someone is telling him to do this doesn't mean he has to.

Previewing The Montreal Canadiens New Division: Who Will Finish 2nd? - A Winning Habit - We'll just have to see...

Unhappy anniversary, NHL lockout | Edmonton Examiner - Well, you don't say. If it weren't for Bettman being so greedy all of this wouldn't have happened last year.