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Wilderness Walk: 9-18-2013

Our (pre-)season begins not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Hannah Foslien

Um, really guys?

Before I start talking about this, I'll readily concede that this probably wasn't all that many of you who were A) there and B) partaking in this. There probably weren't that many people doing this. Regardless, I just gotta say something.

And that's DAMN, people.

If our Twitter account is to believed, and I've got no reason to doubt the credibility of the website that I write for, the Wild were at some point booed. By their own fans. In the pre-season.

I'm not the fan who objects to boos. I don't care about how the players take it. I don't think most actually care whether you cheer or boo them to begin with. You paid your money- if you don't like what you see, boo.

But hot damn, the pre-season? At least save that stuff for a time where it actually matters. Take the edmonton drubbing from last year, for example. A horrible night where everything spun out of control, with a playoff spot on the line.

A pre-season game versus Columbus, when your best players aren't even starting? Pick your spots, people.

On to the Walk.

Wild News

Wild loses 3-1 to Columbus in preseason opener; Zucker tweaks groin | Russo's Rants | Will Zucker's injury change the complexion of training camp? Also, a very meh start to the pre-season.

Matt Cooke Extra; Wild hosts Columbus tonight in preseason opener | Russo's Rants | Some fun Matt Cooke bits that didn't make the paper.

First Round Bust: "Becoming Wild" Season 3 Episode 1 Review- Based on the review of this, I'm not interested. Not enough actual hockey, and that's what matters to me.

Meet the Minnesota Wild--Key Pieces Missing from 2012-13 Squad- Gone Puck Wild- Nothing they can't really have afforded to lose, except maybe Matt Cullen.

Minnesota Wild Lose to Columbus In Preseason Opener - Gone Puck Wild- More on the Wild losing.

Minnesota Wild Player Previews 2013/2014: Marco Scandella - Gone Puck Wild- This will be a very, very huge year for Scandella's career. Will he be able to put it all together? Or will he continue to have not enough production from his nice tools?

Tending the Fields

Niederreiter has talent to make Wild roster, but no guarantee | Star Tribune- El Nino Niederreiter gets profiled by Russo. The Wild could definitely use a player of his stature and skill. I'd be surprised if he didn't make the team.

First Round Bust: FRB Top 20 Prospects: #7...Mario Lucia- Lucia had a good year at Notre Dame last season, let's see of he can continue to grow.

The Team of 18,001: Top 10 Prospects: #2 Jason Zucker- INTERVENTION! INTERVENTION! Niederreiter and Mathew Dumba are superior prospects, in my mind.

Rookies to watch at NHL training camp - The Hockey News- Minnesota Wild get one of those.

Off the Trail

Marty Brodeur vs. Henrik Lundqvist: The Pad Size Wars | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Or Minnesota Wild vs. JS Giguere.

NHL fighters will be penalized for removing helmets before brawl; pass or fail? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Meh. I care little.

#NHLrank: Defensemen - ESPN- Where does Ryan Suter rank?

The 10 unlikeliest hockey references in pop culture history | Home Ice - GAME ON!