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Wilderness Walk 9-2-2013: Jersey Aftermath Edition

So, the new Minnesota Wild road jerseys have been revealed. You have had some time to think about it, even sleep on it. What do ya think?

The new road whites, in all their glory!
The new road whites, in all their glory!

Happy Labor Day Wilderness. This is the day that recognizes the hard working American, or the slacker as well I suppose. For some of us this means a paid day out of the office, for those of us with kids it means a hectic dash to get those last minute school supplies (assuming your kids haven't started already), and get everything ready for their first day.

Yesterday the Minnesota Wild officially released their new road jerseys. Some are disappointed they didn't just invert the green "alternates" and use the script logo. I am perfectly fine with these new jerseys. A change was needed just to shake things up (and make us all buy new whites). To get crazy with it would have just invited a whole lot of angry fans complaining, and I'm not sure that Russo's comment section can handle much more negativity.

You've all seen the pictures by now, and if you haven't then I really don't know what to tell you. We simply do not have any here. Nope, none around, not on this site. Seriously, I would have easily used it as the picture for today's walk, wouldn't you think? If you haven't seen the new road jerseys yet, you must as always, walk...

Wild News

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And the comment's section is furious!

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Of course, the comments on Puck Daddy are much more favorable to those on the Strib.

Tending the Fields

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FRB takes a look at Wild prospect Adam Gilmour.

Off the Trail

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If I was 8 again, this would be pretty freakin sweat!!!

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Can these guys find a home, or is the reduced salary cap pinching everyone's pocket books too much these days.

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Is it really that interesting? Stuff like this happens every year, and every year a deal is made, the player plays, and the fans complain.

On the Pitch

Minnesota edges Scorpions in stoppage time - San Antonio Express-News
Came down to the wire but MNU pulled out a win!