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Noon Number for 9-24-2013: 2

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sport

Just when we thought that the hockey drought that we had to deal with would take forever, we can now say that this wait is now over.

In a week from today, the regular season starts up again, and the Wild then begin their season 2 days after that.

But this is not what the 2 is referring to.

It is actually referring to the fact that the Wild won their last 2 games (both in shootouts too), and that they won last night's game with 2 goals.

Despite this still being the preseason, the Wild are feeling pretty good right now.

The 2 goals last night for the Wild came from Ballard and Zucker (his coming in the shootout).

Both this game and the Wild's first preseason game were chances for the rookies to show off their stuff (Harding being the exception to this), so it will be interesting to see which of our prospects will officially end up making it to the roster.

With last night's SO win against the Jackets (as well as their 2 wins against the Jets), it's pretty safe to say that the Wild are ready to spring into action and pounce all over the opposition.