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Wilderness Walk 9-5-2013: Swedish Chef Edition

Jonas Brodin has a new dream, I don't want Vanek, and we're all perd-verts.

Might Brodin prefer to hold a spatula?
Might Brodin prefer to hold a spatula?

Intro's gonna be short and sweet today. Sorry guys. Enjoy the Walk.

Wild News

Hockey Day Minnesota lineup set | Russo's Rants | It's January 18th, but you're going to have to read the blog for any other info.

The Team of 18,001: Vanek Watch: The Pilot- You know what this smells like to me? The next Dany Heatley. He will be 30 next year. Heater's last 80-point season was at age-29, and he proceeded to fall off a cliff, scoring 64, 53, and 47 (pro-rated to 82 games) points in the next three seasons. There's enough of a risk of the same happening to Vanek that I don't want him to sign with the Wild, at least not for the term he's going to command.

Jonas Brodin: Dishing out the Biscuits – and Gravy, Too! - Gone Puck Wild- The idea that Brodin is going to go Herbie the Elf on us is tongue-in-cheek, but just in case, they'd better hold cooking classes after practices. And games, too. And all the time.

Wild’s Clayton Stoner offends B.C. group for hunting, beheading beloved grizzly | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Clearly Stoner had a license to do so, but I find sport hunting gross. Use the animal, or stay home and play a video game.

Meet the St. Louis Blues--Solid, Two-Way Play is Paying Off - Gone Puck Wild- Season preview for the Blues, who will be tough to top in the standings.

Hot August Nights: Winnipeg Jets | III Communication- Not so much for Winnipeg, I'd imagine.

Off the Trail

Brian Burke to join Calgary Flames front office? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- He must like to have his teams suck.

Calgary Flames, 2013-14 (Puck Daddy Gold Medal Preview) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- In case you wanted to know more about how Calgary sucks.

Extensions for everyone! Niklas Hjalmarsson gets 5-year, $20.5 million deal from Blackhawks | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Chicago tying up cap space, but the cap should be going up. This may not even faze them in a couple of years.

On The Regroup: Babcock is pre-coaching Weiss, J.J. Watt loves hockey, & Morrow to the Canes? | Backhand Shelf- Isn't it bad when you have to tell your prize acquisition through the media that he has to work hard to play for your team? Because for 4.1 million/5 years, working hard should be a given.

3dō: Perd Perd Perd Perd Is The Word | III Communication- Are all Preds fans Perd-verts, now?

Buffalo Sabres reveal perhaps the NHL’s worst jersey: Pass or Fail? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- While I don't think these are the worst jerseys in the NHL, I can see why Buffalo's Twitter preview revealed so little of the jersey. #whitehot