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Wilderness Walk: 9-6-2013

Gearing up for Training Camp with the Traverse City Tournament.

Mathew Dumba is trying to lead the Wild to victory in the Traverse City Tournament
Mathew Dumba is trying to lead the Wild to victory in the Traverse City Tournament
Bruce Bennett

By the time you read me next (unless you read today's Noon Number), it will be training camp. The unofficial end to the offseason, as the momentum finally begins to ramp up for hockey. It will be quite the exciting day for us all at the Wilderness, and beyond.

Soon, it would appear, that we can take some focus off of other teams- their previews, their prospects, their uniforms- and turn the majority of our attention to the Wild.

This is a good start to that, actually. The Traverse City Tournament, hosted by Detroit, will be pitting the Wild's prospects (including Erik Haula and Matt Dumba, who may make the team this season) against those of other teams to lead up to training camp. The Wild won this tournament in 2010, but the results don't really matter all that much- it's just to get some game experience for the kids, some evaluations for the brass, especially concerning guys they brought in on tryouts (like Jared Spurgeon was).

And it's a good thing they don't matter, too. The Wild's prospects lost to Detroit 3-1, with Tyler Graovac scoring the only goal on a turnover created by the apparently-already-a-bust Kurtis Gabriel. Not the result that you'd want to see from the first hockey action for the Wild since May, but hey, it beats the hell out of no hockey at all.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for the Walk. I'll see you guys next week.

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