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Minnesota Wild vs Ottawa Senators: Post game....something

Wild lose 3-0 to Ottawa. It was a fantastically horrible hockey game on all levels

Hannah Foslien

In the two years I have covered the Wild, I have never sat in a postgame and actually thought "I have no ide where to go with this game story". Tonight proves there is a first time for everything.

Players in the locker room all said that this is one of those games that you just have to throw in the garbage and forget about. The focus is on the next game and making sure that they get back to doing the things that brought them success in the past (mainly moving their feet and having some sort of energy maybe?).

So tonight, we go into Wild mode. Instead of a rundown of what went well (basically just Kuemper) and what didn't (clearly everything else), this game story is getting tossed in the garbage and forgotten about. I encourage you all to let your frustrations over whatever the hell happened on the ice tonight, and then make like the team and come back fresh tomorrow.

Wild lose 3-0 to the Senators. They are now 5-2-0 in 2014 and 25-19-5 this season. Phoenix lost to St. Louis tonight, so the Wild retain their Wild Card spot.