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Minnesota Wild @ Dallas Stars: Wait, there was a game tonight?!

It's alright if you forgot, you didn't miss much

Tom Pennington

The Wild struggled again in Dallas tonight, and ended up losing 4-0 in their rematch against the Stars tonight. The Stars had 7 powerplays, which helped get them half their goals at least.

The real concerning part of the game was that the Wild were extremely flat the entire game. The only player who showed any type of energy was Darcy Kuemper, who deserved a hell of a lot better than whatever the hell happened in this game.

In good news, it looks like Zach Parise may be back in time for the game against Chicago. And frankly, there's no point in looking back at this game (much like the Ottawa game, which makes me very sad). As WiLDfan4 pointed out, the Wild are the only team to beat Chicago twice in regulation this season.

Honestly, there isn't a whole lot to say, which really sucks as a writer. Sure, you can go off about how bad some people were, and how frankly everything about that game sucked. But it's like beating a really dead horse. You all already know how bad the team played. Those of you who watched the whole game deserve comp'd tickets to the next Wild game.

The real positive of the night is that we don't have to listen to those awful announcers again. And Eric showed me where the mute button was on the remote, so I'm good to go for any future games J