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Wilderness Walk: Nostalgia Edition

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NOTHING says 'nostalgia' like Soul Patch Rolston
NOTHING says 'nostalgia' like Soul Patch Rolston

There are times I miss the mid-2000's. I don't know if it was the fact that I still had dial-up internet, or that the internet wasn't QUITE the cesspool it is today... It could have been how cute we thought we were using KaZaa to... well, never mind about KaZaa.

But I think what I really miss is two-fold.

1) The hair. I sported 6 inches of thick, coarse hair. It was a giant frizzy mess, and I loved it. If you don't think the hair was awesome, just check the above picture and the below video.

3) The music. Music was so much better back then than it is now. With that, enjoy one of the "greatest hits" from my high school career, and let's get to the Walk.

Stick Tap

A few thoughts about domestic violence | Battle of California
stace_ofbase, besides having maybe the greatest username of all time, has some important words to say not about the perpetrator of domestic abuse, but the victims.

Wild News

The 'Fletcher Files' hold key to Wild's negotiations | Star Tribune
A rundown of some of the RFA's and their situation. A solid read.

HTP 5 Minute Major 10/19/14 | Hitting The Post
HTP's newest podcast is in!

Is Kyle Brodziak On His Way Out? | Wild Xtra
Some idio... HEY THIS IS GILES! Come read Giles' article on his brand-spanking-new blog!

Minnesota Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom: 'It's fun to play again' |
Both goalies have looked good... and Backy's rearing to go. A possible break in the goalie shenanigans?

Minnesota Wild: Thomas Vanek frustrated by scoreless start |
Vanek is doing his 'phantom' thing... should we be worried? Should he?

Ex-Wild forward McMillan signs AHL deal with Toronto | ProHockeyTalk
Uh-oh... is it possible we have another #WildKiller on the rise?

The Ice Hole

College Hockey Rankings: Minnesota Gophers the Team to Beat | SB Nation College Hockey
The Gophers are the team to beat... so who's up to the task?

Off the Trail

Lightning's Hedman to have surgery on fractured finger, out 4-6 weeks | theScore
Brutal news for the Bolts...

Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens supports mental health via special masks | The Hockey News
So, the mask itself is pretty ugly (being as it has the Oiler's name and colors on it), but this is a pretty awesome thing to do.

John Gibson's new Ducks mask: Space Invaders with an Alien twist | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Now THIS is a mask!

NHL Made Right Move in Suspending Voynov | The Hockey Writers
Tom Mitsos looks at how the NHL is treating Voynov's arrest and indictment.

NHL Power Rankings - Week 3: Canadiens move into top 10, Devils fall to 12th | theScore
Some more Snark from The Score.

Freak skate cut puts Stars' Patrik Nemeth out for regular season, possibly playoffs | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Ouch! That does not look fun.

Mile High Sigh (of relief): Berra returns, Varlamov back Friday | ProHockeyTalk
Quick story time: I was at the gym last night, and my motivational TV show was (not lying) NHL network's coverage of the Avs getting scored against A BUNCH.

NHL Wrap-up: All Is Rusty in Edmonton |
Sean McIndoe goes over the league's best and worst so far.

Combined class action concussion lawsuit by former players filed against NHL in St. Paul federal court | Star Tribune
And so it begins...

Just for Funsies

The Royal Half has some interesting ideas on how to increase scoring... you won't believe some of them.

Read a real Michigan fan's increasingly angry emails to Dave Brandon |
I didn't know BReynolds was a Michigan fan...