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Wilderness Walk: It's All Nice On Ice Edition

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Let's not despair over this four game losing streak.

Kyle Brodziak in the net. The puck out of the net.
Kyle Brodziak in the net. The puck out of the net.
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

So, last night's game was total weak sauce, and it bumped the Wild down to a decidedly un-robust .500. The Wild are currently out of the Stanley Cup playoff picture, and that's also a bit of a bummer.

But as Isaac Brock once said, "Well, all's not well, but I'm told that it'll all be quite nice", and it will! Probably!

Even after last night's loss to New Jersey, the Wild's playoff odds (according to Sports Club Stats) only dropped to 61.1%. In a brutal Western Conference, knowing your playoff odds are still good is an encouraging thing.

More importantly, the Wild will soon have the personnel to take advantage of this opportunity. Zach Parise and Jared Spurgeon are two of the Wild's best player, and it's entirely possible they'll be back. Of course, this will be huge, because Zach Parise is the WIld's best player, and Jared Spurgeon is the Wild's best offensive defenseman. Spluh!

The Wild also have some relative patsies on the way in Buffalo, (maybe) Dallas, (probably) Winnipeg, and Florida. So cheer up, Wild fans! Remember- Mike Yeo sees you when you're sleeping. Believe and have #faith in him, and you'll get good presents for Christmas. Waver in your #faith now, and you won't. It's just that simple.

Oh, and Manna From Heaven- don't even bother getting on board with the #faith train. You've had so little throughout the year, no late-year surge could possibly save your ass from getting some Yeoletide coal.

(Yes, I'm doing Christmas jokes, and it's not Thanksgiving yet.)

On to the Walk.

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