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Wilderness Walk: Guess Who's Back?

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, there, Wilderness!

As some of you may have noticed, there's someone coming back to the world of hockey. Harding is (kinda-sorta) back (unless he gets claimed on waivers, and even if not he'll be in Iowa) but still! Excellent (possibly).

Also, a NEW podcast should drop today! So be on the lookout for that!

Some people are abandoning Hards, but I'm with him. I will stay (see: title of the song below). But before we get to that, details have been released regarding the 14-year-old who passed away this weekend. Visitation is currently set for Thursday from 4-8, with the funeral on Friday.

Wild News

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Hey! We're getting Harding ba-... oh. darn.

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Russo talks to GMCF about why Harding is on waivers and not on a conditioning stint.

Minnesota's Josh Harding Activated Off IR, Placed On Waivers | Gone Puck Wild
Looks like the Wild plan on Harding spending more time in IA than a conditioning stint would allow. We should know soon whether or not he clears waivers.

The Gopher Hole

College Hockey Rankings | SB Nation College Hockey
Hey, the Gophers are injured and lost a bit, clearly they stink, right?

Off the Trail

Overtime procedures a focal point for general managers at meeting | NHL
I do not like to watch shootouts, and when I do I sit and pout. I hate the way they end the game, and I believe they're really lame. Let the teams play till it's done, I'm sure we'll all have lots of fun!

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Not much love for Ballard or Falk here...

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Modano.... Modano... I know that name from somewhere. Oh! He's that guy in The Mighty Ducks!

Kessel on refusal to address reporters after loss to Sabres | theScore

Agent: NHLPA doctors got involved to keep Winnik from playing following hard fall | theScore
Raise your hand if you're surprised? *crickets*

We need to talk about Phil Kessel needing to talk | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
And still more on #KesselGate

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Ah, I see Sean watched the Vikings...

Tampa Bay Lightning at New York Rangers Game Recap

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Check out Modano's HOF speech.

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Check out Hasek's HOF speech.

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Check out Blake's HOF speech.

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Check out Forsberg's HOF speech (and tie... classy)