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Wilderness Walk: Harding in Iowa Edition

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Josh Harding has cleared waivers and is back to the AHL.

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Hey, Wilderness!

As you know, #HardingWatch ended yesterday morning, as it was discovered that Josh Harding had gone through waivers unclaimed, and would be reporting to Iowa.

I said this on Twitter yesterday, but this turned out to be a really savvy move by Chuck Fletcher. By all accounts, Harding wasn't going to be able to get NHL-Ready within the confines of a conditioning stint, after which he would have to be in the NHL or placed on waivers, anyway. So what sending Harding through waivers now hoped to (and did) accomplish was to get the waiver process over with while Harding was least likely to be claimed.

Solid game theory by Chuck Fletcher.

As for the Minnesota Wild, they're on yet another hiatus, one that will end tomorrow. In the meantime, it's weird to see this team do what it's done (Dominate possession, win 10 of 17 games), and still be 10th in the Conference. There are two reasons for this: The first is that the Wild have played fewer games than anyone in the Conference, having at least one game in hand against everyone, and two or more against 6 teams ahead of them in the standings.

The second is that they're not losing late enough. The Wild join the Vancouver Canucks as the only team in the Conference to not have lost a game in overtime. If you're gonna lose, get that loser point, because it makes a difference. Winnipeg, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Jose all have 10 wins on the season, and are ahead of the Wild only by virtue of loser points.

That said, two points tomorrow against Philadelphia would be pretty cool, too.

On to the Walk.

Wild News

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Wild's Harding clears waivers, headed for Iowa | Star Tribune- We discussed this. Wishing him continued health in Iowa. - Tony Dean - WildHBcommunity: Chuck Fletcher Handles Josh Harding Situation Perfectly- When Harding's future with the Wild was in doubt, The Dean had some thoughts.

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Advanced Stats: What are they good for? - Minnesota Wild - Articles - Homepage - Wild Xtra- Addressing both of Mike's problem with advanced stats in hockey here. 1) No, raw Corsi, Fenwick numbers don't account for things like strength of schedule. It's a problem with pretty much every sports statistic? The solution? A larger sample size. The data that we have on this season now is better than what we had two weeks ago, a month ago, on October 10th, etc. There are also possession numbers that are weighted for all kinds of factors- quality of teammates, competition, score effects, etc. Advanced stats in hockey are in their early stages, and of course they will develop and continue to get better. But (smarter people than me who are collecting this data) at where they're at right now, and the fact that a statistic isn't perfect now is no reason to throw them out.

2) They are exactly what you want them to be. No one is claiming that even the best statistics we have are a flawless oracle. They're just there to measure a team's performance so we can make educated guesses about their future. That's what a prediction is. Of course it's going to be wrong sometimes. And in cases where it is wrong, it's important to find why it's wrong. In Colorado's case last year, Semyon Varlamov was absurd last season, and the Avalanche had really good special teams. Those things can buoy a bad 5v5 team. Ask the 2002-03 Wild.

As for the notion that the Avs gave the Wild a good run for their money, they did force it to seven games, but there's not much of a reasonable case that the Wild didn't dominate that series completely. Honestly, the Wild should have won 5-6 of those games.

Tending the Fields

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Off the Trail

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