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Wilderness Walk: Game Day Edition

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Marcel Goc, Rob Scuderi, and the Pittsburgh Penguins come to the X tonight. Will the Wild prevail over the Golden Boy, Paul Martin?

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, Wilderness, we have a showdown. The Pens' #1-rated Offense comes to town to take on the Wild's #1-rated defense (going by goals scored and allowed per game).

Hopefully, this bad feeling I have wears off. Maybe it's just my Minnesota-sports-fan coming out.

Enjoy the Walk, and this... interesting... performance

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Editor's Note:

Yup, we're self-promoting once again. If you haven't listened to the newest episode of the podcast (Ep 18, "Too Many Tonys"), we highly encourage you to do so. It's 75 minutes of Minnesota Wild discussion with Aaron, Ger, Tony, and Tony Dean of Hockey Buzz and the Jeff Dubay Show. The Dean was a fantastic guest who had pretty easy chemistry with us, so you should absolutely listen to us have some fun talking hockey.

Here, you don't even have to go find it, we'll put it below: