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Wilderness Walk: The [insert frustrated sound here] Version

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There's not much else to say. We outshot the Sens 35-17, but lost 3-0. Go figure. Find that snake and kill it. Welcome to the world of Wild Hockey, I suppose! Just have to try to move on...

With a performance like that, let's turn to native Minnesotan and legendary comedian Charles Schultz for our music today.

Wild News:

Mike Yeo after loss in Ottawa: Some guys are doing the "minimum" | Russo's Rants |
Best blog from Russo I've read in a while. CLICK IT.

5 - Donut! | First Round Bust
We need good vibes. Remember this???

Wild's Depth to Be Put to a Test | The hockey Writers
"There was a time... when Kyle Brodziak played first-line center for the Wild"...told you we needed good vibes.

Wild: Josh Harding starts 'tedious' road back from broken foot |
Maybe next time don't kick that wall?

Penalties hurt Wild in shutout loss to Ottawa | Star Tribune
2 shots, 2 goals. Depressing at best.

Zach Parise diagnosed with concussion; Niklas Backstrom starts tonight | Russo's Rants |
If Parise's been feeling this since the NYR game, then SHAME on the Wild.

Minnesota Wild at Ottawa Senators | NHL

Off the Trail:

What’s Going On in the NHL Central? |
Heck if I know.

BREAKING: NHL Jerseys to Have Corporate Sponsors Soon | The Hockey Writers
Gotta be honest. Don't see the big deal.

Connor McDavid power rankings: Where have all the good teams gone? |
Why is everybody who is supposed to be winning, losing so much? Oh, right.

Carter Ashton suspended 20 games |
Clenbuterol. Apparently that's a thing.

Slava Voynov's agent attempting to get NHL to lift indefinite suspension | theScore

VIDEO: Maple Leafs' Winnik stretchered off ice after hard fall, appears to avoid serious injury | theScore
Uff. Da. BRUTAL. Glad to hear he's up and moving.

Blues' Tarasenko continues to dazzle, haunt Devils' Schneider | theScore
Any chance he's looking to move to colder climes?

Ian Cole goal against New Jersey disallowed for incidental contact | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Yet another success story of the "push forward into goalie to cause incidental contact" stratagem.

Linus Klasen proves simple shootout trickery works vs. Russia (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Well... ok!

David Leggio's dislodging of net leads to AHL rule change (Report) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
To the surprise of... well, someone, I'm sure.

Game Recaps:

Pittsburgh Penguins at Winnipeg Jets | NHL

New York Islanders at Los Angeles Kings | NHL

Nashville Predators at Dallas Stars | NHL

Florida Panthers at Philadelphia Flyers | NHL

Calgary Flames at Tampa Bay Lightning | NHL

Edmonton Oilers at Boston Bruins | NHL

Toronto Maple Leafs at Colorado Avalanche | NHL

Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | NHL

New Jersey Devils at St. Louis Blues | NHL