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Wilderness Walk: Weak Hooking Calls Edition

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We may not have deserved to win, but we sure didn't deserve that weak ass hooking call with minutes left in the game. What a joke.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I swear we hit more goal posts than any team in the league. Brodziak should honestly change his last name to Goal Post.

My Random thoughts about the game:

Toews picking the pocket of young number 5 was absolutely brutal. It's difficult to hate Toews because he is just so damn good, plus he's Fighting Sioux Alum, but damn why can't he take a few games off when he plays us.

That call with minutes left was straight bull shit. In the words of Denzel Washington, "Let them play ref, Let them Play!"

I like our ability to crawl back into games, old Wild teams never had a chance in hell of scoring 2-3 goals to tie things up.

At least we have a quick turnaround with a game tonight. Hopefully it goes better. The Wild need to start wracking up some wins if we are going to get back in this playoff race.

Anybody else missing Bryz yet?!? I know I am.

On To Your Walk

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GO Sioux GO!