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Game 32 (Wild vs. Flyers) Stats Breakdown

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The Wild lose 5-2 in a lackluster performance.

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Darcy Kuemper finished last night's game with a save percentage of .862.  Certainly that's not a number you want to see from your starting goaltender.  Struggling goalies have been the narrative these last few weeks, and not without good reason.  A low save percentage is certainly holding the team back.

But here's the thing- the team in front of them hasn't been any better.  Kuemper didn't lose last night's game against the Flyers.  The game was lost when the Wild checked out after they tied the game 2-2.  From the time of Coyle's goal to the time of Lecavlier's goal, the Flyers outshot the Wild 22-11 at even strength.

With the exception of the Boston game, the last six games have been some of the worst for the Wild when it comes to giving up shot attempts.  For a visual, here's the Fenwick for and against chart from the entire year.


As you can see, games are starting to pile up in the upper left side, which is not what you want.  So yes, goaltending is an issue.  Every goalie, even the elite ones go through slumps.  It's the elite teams that are able to overcome these slumps.  Had the Wild been able to keep up the pressure last night after Coyle's goal, there's no reason why they shouldn't have won the game.

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Next up: Saturday vs. Winnipeg Jets, 6:00

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