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Wilderness Walk: Merry Christmas Edition

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Hockey Wilderness gives our most sincere wishes that you'll have a great, happy day.

Everyone's talking about how awesome pictures of Coyle in Christmas sweaters are. Looking at it right now, and I don't get it.
Everyone's talking about how awesome pictures of Coyle in Christmas sweaters are. Looking at it right now, and I don't get it.
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, everyone!

I'm just starting this out, but I suspect that today's news will be fairly light. And it should be. Whether you celebrate today's holiday or not, we all should be taking time to relax, and celebrate the good elements in our lives.

We've certainly had a good year at Hockey Wilderness. When I reflect on the year, a lot of the good parts of it are going to be fun experiences that we've all shared together in this community. It's been fun watching a miraculous turnaround to rally to a playoff spot, a blast of a playoff run, and... well, maybe not so much this season so far, but hey! We've had some laughs...

And I know that today isn't all good, either. I know some of you are stressed out in this holiday season. I know that some of you are working, unable to take that break you deserve. I know some of you may feel lonely. I've little to offer you but (perhaps meaningless, hollow) words, but to those of you, I sincerely hope that there can be something in today that you can find some good in.

So, come on here- take a little break, talk some hockey- I know I'll be popping in throughout the day- but please, take time to enjoy the season with your loved ones, friends, and family. We'll be back tomorrow.

On to the Walk.

Wild News

Wild lacking ‘winner’s attitude’ and ‘teamwork,’ says Yeo | ProHockeyTalk- Yawn. Me on this topic, yesterday:

Twas the Night Before Christmas - Articles - Articles - Homepage - Wild Xtra- A (probably not incredibly) festive Holiday poem!

A Holiday Wish List for the Minnesota Wild - Gone Puck Wild - A Minnesota Wild Fan Site- Derek invents the "Holiday Wish List for an NHL team" article.

Tending the Fields

Wild: Iowa coach John Torchetti fixing things down on the farm - The Iowa Wild are 7-10 since Torchetti arrived, and have stolen my Mathew Dumba and won't give him back.

A Minnesota Wild-Centric World Juniors 2015 Primer - Amateur Hockey - Articles - Homepage - Wild Xtra- We'll start our WJC coverage tomorrow, but Nate Wells has a great preview up today. Give it a click.

3 Things You Need to Know about the World Junior Championships | theScore- Five! (Three, sir!) Three!

NHL Draft Watch: Strome Shining Brightly wihtout McDavid | theScore- More prospecting talk.

Off the Trail

P.K. Subban stuns kids in disguise as security guard, wins Christmas (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- This is one of the best things I've ever seen involving hockey. There's zero legitimate reasons to not like P.K. Subban. Zero.

John Scott suspended four games for Jackman punch, repeat offender status | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- What will the Sharks do without their deterrent?