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Christmas Day Best Of!

We are taking the day off to enjoy the time off given to us by our employers to spend time not concentrating on hockey.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

It's X-mas day and things around the Wild are stopped for the holiday break. Not to mention the fact that things are getting quite negative. In a very Wilderness Walk kind of links post, here's some of the best of Hockey Wilderness this season.

Wild Improvements: Offense From the Blue Line - Hockey Wilderness

Our own Dan Larson looked at the way the Wild were activating in the offensive zone.

[Wild About Numbers]: The Wild Are Good, So Why Aren't They Climbing The Standings? - Hockey Wilderness

Ger looks at the Wild's abysmal save percentage numbers and concludes that the terrible goaltending is hamstringing the Wild, who finally are finding the back of the net with some frequency.

#CWHLASG14: Exhibit A for why we need more exposure for women's hockey - Hockey Wilderness

Angelica gives us her account of the very first CWHL all-star game.

Boogie with The Noogie: Minnesota Wild Naughty and Nice List - Hockey Wilderness

Noogie does his best to breakdown which players have been worthy of X-mas gifts and those who shant be receiving anything from Santa.

Boo Birds and "Shoot" Birds - Hockey Wilderness

Joe looks at the first 15 games and the last 16 games of the season's shooting rates and argues that fans shouldn't be ridiculed by media types for yelling "SHOOT".

Top 25 Under 25: Risers and Fallers - Hockey Wilderness

Tony looks back at our Top 25 Under 25 series and shines light on which players are rising and falling from their pre-season ranking.

Putting the Eye Test to... well... the Eye Test - Hockey Wilderness

While stats can't give the full picture, one shouldn't rely solely on the eye test, and Chris explains how its all about the human psyche.

Enjoy looking back at some of these Wilderness!