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Wilderness Walk: Return to Normalcy Edition

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The Olympics have drawn to a close and the NHL resumes the race for the playoffs on Tuesday.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Good morning Wilderness. Before I go any further I have to say this one thing to you all. I have not yet watched the gold medal game so please do not spoil it for me! Speaking of spoilers, and since I really have nothing else for all of you today, here is my favorite all-time spoiler I personally experienced.

It was the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, game 7 in Vancouver. Unfortunately yours truly had to work through the night but in a time of DVR's this was no problem. I would simply avoid social media for the night and watch the game in all it's glory when I got home from work.

All went according to plan, I stayed off twitter, avoided the facebook and made it the entire evening without hearing a thing about the game. As I'm walking up to my apartment door my phone rings, it's my mother. Of course I always answer the phone when my mother calls, and she's not much of a hockey person anyway.

I answer the phone, "Hello mom, what's up?"

She replies, "Can you believe that shutout!?!?!"

My jaw drops, and I thank her for spoiling the game for me. Sure, she didn't give away the score, but as soon as Patrice Bergeron scored that first goal for Boston the game for me was decided. Thanks mom!

I hereby invite you all to share your biggest spoiler in the comments section below, we can console one another in all our misery.

Wild News

Granlund makes Olympic All-Star team; other Wild updates | Russo's Rants |
A great honor for the kid, congratulations "Michael" Granlund.

Strong play of Granlund and Haula should keep them playing key roles in Wild lineup when NHL season returns
Making a case for a new top line center.

Tending the Fields

Orlando Solar Bears extend winning streak - Orlando Sentinel
The Orlando Solar Bears topped the Kalamazoo Wings 4-3 in overtime for their ninth consecutive ECHL victory.

Off the Trail

Winter Olympics 2014: Canada destroys Sweden 3-0 for men's hockey gold - CBS News
I suppose when you write these sorts of things you are bound to spoil it for yourself.

Nicklas Backstrom misses gold-medal game over use of banned substance | Fourth-Place Medal - Yahoo Sports
Apparently, allergies are banned in the Olympics. Guess I'll just continue to sit on my couch then.

Teemu Selanne voted as Olympic tournament Most Valuable Player | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
It's almost impossible to not root for this guy. Hell, I may even become a Ducks fan if the Wild get bounced out of the playoffs early, assuming they make it.